Teddy Bear

The second in my series of quarantine music, this is (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear.

This song was originally recorded by Elvis Presley but I was never fond of his version. The song itself is far too sexy for rock-n-roll and it was begging to be a slow vamp. Years ago I heard ZZ Top do it as a blues and that was the inspiration for this arrangement.

(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

I’ve accumulated a lot of stuffed animals over the years and some of them insisted on participating.

I hope this makes you smile.

The bass is a new one I just finished building last month. It’s a five-string with a solid rosewood neck and Seymour Duncan pickups. I love the sound I got from it and the low B on the verse tacit growls like a caged tiger.

The guitar is the same one from Blackbird. It’s proving to be extremely versatile. I had intended to use a Strat for this but it had a hum problem so I set it aside and this one worked perfectly. This has become my go-to guitar for many uses — it’s remarkably flexible and plays beautifully.

As always, Love is all you need.

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